The town started as a small village built by wood elves long time ago deep within the eastern part of the Silver Beech Forest near the small river. Now it is a home to more than 2000 elves, mostly wood elves with a minority of high elves and eladrin. Whole town is built to be completely immersed in the forest, almost like it was not built, but grown. Its architecture is a piece of astonishing art: with all the buildings built in such a way not even slightly to disturb the natural configuration of the forest. Most common types of buildings are tents, tree houses and dens, all crafted mostly from the still living plants instead of cut branches.

Food is obtained mostly through hunting and gathering and magic is used to replace the need for agriculture that would disturb the woods. Most common trades are arts, clothes and woodwork. Elves are also very good swordsmen but the town does have neither metal mines nor blacksmiths which makes metal weapons and objects expensive as they are imported from Mornbadihr. The town has several general goods stores, two inns, one adventuring gear store and an arcane shop. For religious purposes there is a temple to Rillifane Rallathil.

There is no real government in the town, but it is an unwritten law that the female Druid Keyleth Galadyr, the sole living member of the town’s founder s family is in charge of all the matters concerning the town as a whole. Even though she is more than 1500 years old, she remains one of the most graceful women alive and the most powerful druid in the area. Other matters are mostly settled by the most experienced members of the areas relevant to the issue. There is a small group of guardsmen (a dozen or two) that keeps the crime (mostly stealing of beautiful art/craft pieces) at low to medium levels.

Classes distribution Edit

  • Barbarian 0
  • Bard 2
  • Cleric 7
  • Druid 11
  • Fighter 48
  • Monk 0
  • Paladin 1
  • Ranger 9
  • Rogue 39
  • Sorcerer 5
  • Warlock 5
  • Wizard 1

Factions: Edit

Whistling Arrow (fighters, guards, rangers)Edit

Areas of interest: Hunt, Order, Defence, Diplomacy

Silver Leaves (druids, other mages) Edit

Areas of interest: Harmony of Nature, Food Gathering, Magic, Botany, Zoology

(Although Keyleth is a druid, she rarely participates in the faction activities, and because of her power, knowledge and influence, she can be considered a faction on her own. She spends most of her time either on top of her tree house or somewhere out in the nature.)

Twilight Artists (thieves, rogues, smugglers, other criminals) Edit

Areas of interest: Smuggling, Stealing, Conspiracies, Crime

Green Syndicate (merchants, traders, artists, craftsmen) Edit

Areas of interest: Trade, Wealth, Arts, Crafts

Temple to Rillifane Rallathil (priests, clerics, acolytes) Edit

Areas of interest: Religion, History, Nature