Syndrael Faenweneth is one of the Eladrin player characters in the game.

Personality Edit


I secretly consider myself better than those around me due to my past.


Family. Blood runs thicker than water.


I will find the monster who killed my family and I will get my revenge.


I hear whispers in my head and it's slowly driving me insane.

Biography Edit

Syndrael was born in the elven town of Galadyr, a little over a century ago. When she was only about ten years old she moved with her parents to a far away human city as ambassadors of the elves. They were soon given noble status in the city, and Syndrael quickly learned behavior typical to that of human nobility. Among other things, Syndrael was taught to wield a sword from a young age by her parents.

Warlock Pact Edit

One night, many decades later, something horrible happened in the city. An unknown monster slew dozens of people from the high class district. Syndrael remembers feeling that the monster was in her chamber, bending over to kill her too, while she was completely paralyzed. But at the last moment it had turned around and left.

When she was able to move again, it was as if she had woken from a nightmare, her memory of the night already fading. But she found her family and almost all of her friends were gone. At the same time, she suddenly felt a lingering painful and uncomfortable feeling in her hand that she hadn't paid attention to before. As she looked at her palm a strange symbol was etched on it, as if tattooed on her skin in some sort of magical ink.

Following these events, Syndrael started hearing whispers in her head, asking her to do things, and telling her of dark powers she did not understand. Her daydreams and thoughts were twisted into vivid nightmares and she was almost constantly plagued by the voices, until one day she realized she what she could do, and successfully cast a spell. She initially wished the dark powers would go away, but she was also secretly intrigued by them, and started practicing her magic.

Syndrael was almost 100 years old at the time, and decided it was time for her to claim adulthood and choose an adult name. She moved back to the town she had been born in to be reunited with her cousins and to tell them of what had happened.